Women’s swimwear pattern trends

Women’s swimwear pattern trends

Floral elements occupies an indispensable position in the pattern design, and reach an irreplaceable situation. Mature and elegant floral elements are certainly suitable for creating sexy and modern consumers, while the childlike and naive floral patterns are simplified but appear more fantasy space. , The blessing of high-saturation bright colors makes the patterns more eye-catching, and the lively and cute swimwear shapes attract more young consumers to buy.


The color of the flower type is light and lively. It uses different colors to distinguish the flower levels, and the color saturation is relatively high. It creates a cute and childlike flower pattern. The independent flower elements are presented in large sizes, and the expression of the situation is more obvious. It is suitable for creating a connection. Body swimwear.


Simple strokes of flowers are like the beautiful world children draw with a brush in their eyes. The colors are full of fantasy, the composition is very naive, and the brush strokes are not very neat, but the overall lack of presenting a very imaginative picture.


Jianman flowers are presented in a flat manner, and the distinction between light and dark levels is relatively simple. The difference is that the edges of the plant flower patterns are stroked with black lines to make the patterns more clearly presented, creating a sense of age and retro on the whole.


The flower shape is simplified and planarized, and the size of the pattern is reduced. The pattern is arranged in different sizes to form a small-sized pattern with distinct primary and secondary dimensions. Leaf elements can be added to make it richer. The color is elegant and suitable for creating a fresh style. Swimsuit.


The background color of this pattern is mostly white or light color, using bright and bright colors to call the innocent brushstroke depiction, just like a child’s painting, full of fantasy and unconstrained, as if entering a pure fairy tale world.


Post time: May-20-2021