Women’s clothing color trend warning

Women’s clothing color trend warning

With the prevalence of digital art, digital acid vision has clearly invaded consumers’ aesthetics. Synthetic colors have also gone through the aesthetic characteristics of opposition to nature, and will gradually merge and interact with neutral and natural colors, expressing future color trends. Digitization is moving towards the direction of visual transmission of tactile sensations, hoping to inspire consumers to have more “real” sensory touches. The vision of the digital world, showing a fascinating digital world with color shapes and rich visual texture, is the concept of digital touch that this theme wants to express.


Purple has shown a longer popular life in the market, thanks to the promotion of digital vision and artistic works. The market will open up the imagination of purple applications, and integrate reality and virtuality with materials and technology.


Lake green is a typical cross-season color, and the clear and bright color feel breaks the usual strong color of autumn and winter. The market application range of Lake Green is very wide, whether it is young ladies, mature and elegant, or casual and trendy styles can be controlled. The focus is on the choice of material, which will give the lake green a more versatile expression. Matching with metallic or black and white neutral colors will be more popular in the young market.


With neutral colors as the main color, cool rose red and high brightness lake green are added to express zero-degree vision. High-density materials such as metal reflect the cold and neutral colors and convey an extremely delicate digital touch.


Gray-based colors should play a role, and the future will focus on the level of neutral color matching. Clever use of the mashup of glossy materials and matte materials makes the relatively large neutral gray reflect rich layers. Glossy fabrics such as acetic acid will continue the heat of spring and summer and become important cross-season materials. Lake green has a digital texture on the shimmer material, and its application in cross-season items such as dresses, half skirts and shirts is very forward-looking.


The prevalence of digital art has pushed acidic aesthetics to a peak. In order to cater to consumers’ emerging aesthetics, brands incorporate digitally streamlined designs into their creativity. The most important digital metal texture in acid vision is embodied by gradual dyeing and glossy materials. According to data, purple will still have a long period of popularity in the future. In the future, the purple series of the same color matching will be extremely important. Excessively weaken the boundary of the color, let the color flow in the material. Small area embellishment of lake green and chalk gray.


The multi-level performance of the same color gradient and digital color shows the fluidity of colors. This group of colors uses two different levels of purple to fit the current trend of two-color and same-color collocation. With digital rose purple and universe purple as the main color, adding lake green as an embellishment. In the future, the application of metal in accessories and accessories will enhance the fashion and increase the sense of modernity.


The snow lake brings us soft digital senses, and the interaction of falling snow shows the digital space of warm colors. The snowy wonders displayed in the autumn and winter show venues, and Hongda’s scenes allow the colors to interact with the environment. Mainly based on warm neutral colors, combined with the application of pink and purple adjacent colors, it is more suitable for the future color application of Shaoshu’s leisure direction.


With soft neutral colors as the main color, matched with popular pink series, the whole set of colors reflects super practicality. The collision of knitting and leather makes the hue and gloss reflected by the color more attractive.


Post time: Jun-23-2021