Trendy addition-the detail trend of yoga pants

Trendy addition-the detail trend of yoga pants


As an indispensable item in yoga and fitness, body shaping pants are becoming more and more important. Partial design is more and more important. On the basis of ensuring sports functions, more attention is paid to exquisiteness and fashion sense. Ingenious detailed design can make ordinary fitness styles rejuvenate. . This report will use waist toe decoration, combined splicing design, foot detail, foot mouth change, additional decoration design, and sexy hollowing as the main axis to refine the craftsmanship and design elements used therein, and bring inspiration for designers to develop new products.


The cross-shaped waist detail design can better modify the waist curve and show the feminine waist; the waist design of the 2022 spring and summer yoga pants has more changes, and the contrast color wave dot pattern and the contrast color cross-shaped webbing are integrated into the interior Yoga is more fashionable while adding a touch of movement; secondly, the cross waist can be hollowed out, revealing a touch of feminine side waist, sexy and fashionable.


The detailed design of step-on yoga pants provides the function of supporting the foot when it is stretched greatly, preventing the foot from sliding up and avoiding embarrassment; the new season’s foot-stepping details are more fashionable and diverse, and the contrast stitching webbing and patterns are integrated To add highlights to the overall bottoms, it is recommended that the spring and summer of 2022 can launch flexible and detachable foot-step pants, with decorative buttons at the foot opening for fixing, and consumers can adjust the foot-step details by themselves. At the same time, it can be matched with a variety of foot-step ribbon gift boxes. Consumers can choose at will, which enhances consumers’ fun and can better meet their needs. In addition to the webbing-style footsteps, the original tailored cross-over ankle design can better show the sexy ankles of women;


The design of the foot opening is a common design technique used by designers. How to achieve novelty and fashion is what we should consider; for the foot opening design of the new season, you can try multiple hollowing treatments, and patching a cool glossy strip on the hollow edge. Secondly The stitching of the original base multi-bands enhances the fashion sense of the overall trousers. The stitching of the transparent stretch silk fabrics with asymmetrical cross-openings is worthy of attention in the spring and summer of 2022.


The side waist is made of flexible and detachable small bags. The decoration is inspired by outdoor clothes, which is convenient for loading items. It can also be used as a decoration in yoga pants. It can also facilitate exercisers to go out for fitness and load small items such as access cards and keys, which improves the convenience; The adjustable waistband can be spliced on the side waist, so that consumers can adjust the waist elasticity by themselves, and the sense of fashion is doubled.


The hollowing technique will continue to be used in the spring and summer of 2022. The hollowing area will increase in the new season. At the same time, the size of the hollowing has a larger trend than before, and it shows the original tailoring handwork, showing elegance. And sexy.


Post time: May-06-2021