Return to the true-sportswear color trend warning

Return to the true-sportswear color trend warning

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The influence of different social environments and the temptation of all kinds of things constantly consume the essence of life, and also fascinate the original simple nature. “Returning to the truth” means returning the character and life to innocence. When the earth’s ecology, human health and xinxing all return to the original stage, and positively feel the beautiful things around you, remove the excessive complexity and return to its essence, life will gain a great deal. The key colors of 22/23 autumn and winter sportswear are extracted from the beautiful things in life and nature. Color psychology influences consumers who pursue optimism and balance health and the environment, bringing positive energy and a sense of security. Therefore, highly saturated natural colors that show positive energy are the main feature, neutral colors that increase stability and healing bring a sense of security, while low-saturation bright colors present a clean, safe, and refreshing psychological effect. Compared with previous seasons, the overall color wheel has both durability, and the expression of optimism is stronger while the hue is not lost.

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The unbleached white color comes from life, and the neutral color that returns to nature is unbleached and authentic, bringing a sense of stability and healing. The delicate texture of the wall brings inspiration to the soft knitted wrap. The hue is advanced, simple, practical, durable, and can be used across seasons.newsfq (3)

Unbleached on the 22/23 autumn and winter sportswear to show the effect of safe healing, gentle wrapping, comfortable unbleached knit fabric and comfortable granular fleece fabric combined with texture, suitable for all-weather sports and fitness; at the same time, unbleached white can also be combined with fashion The business version can be a good equipment for a comfortable office.

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Glow Blue shows the sense of coolness and technology, brings health, safety, and hygiene psychological effects, and calms emotions. Glow blue is the key tones of the new season’s color palette, which enhances the overall brightness of the color perception and makes the transition between colors more coordinated. The new season’s Glow Blue adds more comfortable and wide design, the use of the main color and the capable version to interpret it.

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Glow blue is an important harmony color. How to use it is the key. Glow blue is the main color, abandoning too many cumbersome detailed designs, and using a concise version to make a full-body color design, creating a cool and cool glow blue. The color sense. This color is suitable for urban leisure, indoor fitness and fashion outdoor use in various styles and styles, and the hue is strong.

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Under the theme of “return to true” in autumn and winter on 22/23, neutral colors with low saturation and medium brightness are recommended as practical and durable colors, which can be used in multiple scenes and seasons; the inspiration comes from the soot in real life, and at the same time incorporates the warm tone texture of soot. The neutral color with a sense of security appears in a full body, adding a touch of light red to the colorlessness, which makes people feel calm and heal.

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The mid-brightness and low-saturation smoky gray occupies an irreplaceable position under the theme of “return to true” in the autumn and winter of 22/23. Whether it is used in casual suits or comfortable sweaters and lightweight down, combined with skin-friendly fabrics, it shows the smoke itself Unique healing neutral wind color characteristics. The versatile style can control any daily casual wear.

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The deep lake green is taken from nature, showing a sense of natural protection in the autumn and winter of 22/23. It is derived from the mineral mountains and abyssal lakes in the depths of nature. Escape the city to experience the beauty of nature, bring a sense of emptiness and escape from the world; the new season is green It expresses the sense of high saturation color, shows the natural force of the earth, and adds fashion to the sportswear, becoming a fashionable and trendy color in the transitional season of autumn and winter.

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Deep and tranquil deep lake green is suitable as the main color, suitable for urban sports and leisure, outdoor sports, indoor fitness and other sports styles. The high-collar protective cap design presents a protective effect, combined with functional wind pockets and other detailed designs to show fashion In the new outdoor, the contrasting trendy print combined with the trendy windbreaker silhouette presents the new street fashion; from the street to the outdoors and many other scenes, the natural deep lake green is suitable.

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The mineral sulfur color is taken from the natural ore sulfur. The high saturation color sense has a hint of autumn and winter stability. The slight luster of sulfur mines and cans complements the warm sulfur color. While showing joy and emotion, it adds a fashionable atmosphere to sportswear, becoming a fashionable and trendy color in autumn and winter.

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The warm and fashionable mineral sulfur color is suitable as the main color, used in urban sports leisure and outdoor sports styles, or as a secondary color embellishment combined with fashionable indoor fitness styles, it is also trendy; a slightly thicker and wider woven fabric combination The micro-city ready-to-wear silhouette brings a fashionable urban movement. Optional lightweight and comfortable texture fabric can be used as the surface layer, combined with loose sports version, to provide comfort and performance for all-weather sports and leisure. The functional wind shirring design and windproof high-neck details are combined with outdoor waterproof fabrics to present a fashionable outdoor style. From the city to the mountain and other scenes, the mineral sulfur color is suitable.

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Under the theme of “Return to True”, the purity of bright orange is slightly reduced, with a hint of dark tone and calm texture, the hue presents a slightly retro effect, adding retro vitality to the dull atmosphere of autumn and winter, and bringing optimism to this theme. The use of sportswear is mainly presented in the main color, embellished with contrasting blue to enhance the sense of retro.

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The main performance of the new season’s vibrant retro orange is used as the main color in a large area, and the embellishment of partial contrasting colors echoes the retro feeling of the color; combined with the waterproof and windproof fabric with a wide texture, it provides performance for the fashionable outdoor and can be used as a color matching Combine heterogeneous splicing craftsmanship to show fashionable texture. Retro Vibrant Orange is suitable for use in urban leisure, fashion outdoor and sports and leisure styles.

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The theme of “Return to True” focuses on innocence and nature. The saturated lapis lazuli blue in the dark color system is extracted from the natural lapis lazuli, and a layer of gray filter is added, which is soft and simple, giving people a calm and introverted feeling. After the period of restlessness, lapis lazuli blue appears in a large area, and the fabric texture can be tried to incorporate subtle luster elements, which is mysterious, restrained, and fashionable.

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This season, the lapis lazuli blue is more calm and restrained, and it is also one of the key trend colors for the 22/23 autumn and winter. The light luxury velvet fabric or acetate fabric with a slightly shiny luster enhances the expressive power of lapis lazuli blue, combined with fashionable casual hooded sweaters, casual pants and other items to express the fashion sense of urban sports. The lapis lazuli blue is very inclusive and can be used in wide medium-thick baseball jackets or functional casual jackets, and can be used in multi-scene clothing to enhance practicality.

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Under the theme of “Return to True”, the darker fig purple is extracted as one of the trend colors of the palette. It is derived from the natural growth of figs. It is a real color, but at the same time it shows a synthetic texture, so it has both online and line. Under the attractiveness, this kind of novel and fashionable color is worth trying to develop.

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The deep and fashionable fig purple is suitable as the main color for urban sports leisure suits and indoor fitness and other sports styles. Bright leather fabrics are used in the style design to increase the fashionable texture. At the same time, it can be used with patterns for full body use, smart and trendy; All-match is suitable for various styles of items under urban sports.

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