Pants fabric analysis

Pants fabric analysis

Under the impact of many factors in the global economy, people’s consumption concepts have become more rational, and the fashion industry is also trying to make breakthroughs and changes from the predicament. The 21/22 autumn and winter four major fashion week conferences have just come to an end. In the product series of many brands this time, while focusing on wearability and comfort, more freshness and pleasure have become the main demands. As a result, the requirements for fabrics continue to rise, not only in pursuit of comfort and appearance, but also to meet the freshness and healing properties of the post-epidemic era. Therefore, this report will focus on warm cotton fabrics, comfortable four-way stretch fabrics, high-quality worsted fabrics, wear-resistant woolen fabrics, liquid light-sensitive fabrics, flexible leather fabrics to more cutting-edge fancy corduroy fabrics, light and transparent. Chemical fiber fabrics to discuss the trend of future autumn and winter women’s trousers fabric direction.

Natural cotton spun fabric is a renewable cotton fabric. Compared with the autumn and winter of 20/21, the fabric has richer texture and higher density. It has the characteristics of warmth, sweat absorption, breathability, antistatic, anti-radiation and so on. It gives people a natural sense of nature as a whole, and is suitable for all kinds of cotton, linen and cotton blended apparel products. The style design is mainly straight and open pants, emphasizing the changes in details and the texture of the fabric as the focus, bringing consumers a minimalist and comfortable fashion wearing experience.


Four-sided stretch fabric is a fabric with a certain degree of elasticity when stretched up and down, left and right. Spandex stretch yarn is used to give the fabric a certain degree of elasticity in both warp and weft directions. The four-sided stretch fabric can adapt to the activities of the human body, stretches freely, is light and comfortable, and can also maintain the aesthetics of the appearance. The knees of the pants will not deform and bulge due to long-term wear. The style design is mainly based on slim, straight-leg pants. The fabric is generally blended with polyester, nylon and spandex. Due to the good restorability of the fabric, it has non-iron and abrasion resistance, and has high practicality. value.


High-quality wool worsted fabrics are woven from traceable and recyclable natural wool fibers. The fabrics are delicate, soft, high-density, smooth and waxy. At the same time, they also have a soft natural texture, showing a classic fashion sense. . By matching different trouser silhouettes, changing the details, and exquisite tailoring, it shows the simple, casual and sophisticated fashion sense of urban women, creating a classic and practical daily commuting outfit.


The woolen fabric has a plump surface, a dense and thick texture, a warm and soft feel, a clear texture, a soft and natural overall luster, and a pure color. Compared with the previous worsted wool in autumn and winter, the original woolen woolen fabrics are gradually returning. Using (RWS) certified and recyclable natural wool fibers to create a rough fabric with richer surface texture, which keeps warm and is more wear-resistant and practical.


Liquid light-sensitive fabrics are usually processed and blended with polyester and nylon extracted from recycled waste products. Compared with the autumn and winter of 20/21, the surface of the fabric presents a reflective effect like water ripples, flowing liquid, smooth and clean, stiff and stylish. In addition, it also has good abrasion resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance, excellent dimensional stability and excellent mechanical strength, so that the wearer can seamlessly shuttle between daily and outdoor environments and respond to various This kind of environment and temperature changes.


The flexible leather fabric presents richer visual effects such as mirror, illusion metal and suede this season. In line with the concept of global animal protection, softened artificial leather is used to achieve the effect of artificial leather, and “vegetarian leather” is used to reduce the plunder of earth resources. It also has the same excellent breathability as real leather, good wear resistance and water resistance, soft touch, suitable for the development of trousers, comfortable and easy to care for.


The corduroy element has continued to be hot in recent seasons. Its comfortable texture is not only suitable for matching with many items, but its retro style also caters to the current trend. With the rise of the housing economy, new creative inspiration is drawn from the comfortable and relaxing furniture texture. By enhancing the texture and touch, the warm and soft corduroy fabric leads the 21/22 autumn and winter again. Through innovative cutting pile technology and or dislocation, or wavy strip-shaped uneven texture change design, and superimposed with rich printing, it injects innovative aesthetics into the texture effect of the fabric surface.


Light and transparent chemical fiber fabric, using nude tulle and other materials for splicing, composite lace, pleated organza, double-layer chemical fiber combination and other fabrics are matched with different silhouettes of women’s pants, skinny The crisp fabric effect gives people a luxurious sense of soft and delicate color, just right to bring out the feminine temperament of the new urban woman. What is different from the past is that it perfectly combines light perspective and urban sophistication, with richer layers and textures.


Post time: May-24-2021