Men’s and women’s sports suit silhouette trends

Men’s and women’s sports suit silhouette trends


2022 early autumn men’s and women’s sports suit items are influenced by pragmatism, and will pay more attention to the style of fashion and can be worn on multiple occasions; inspired by the sports suit items in the 2021 autumn and winter new season show, dig deeper into various series of fashion sports Fashion silhouettes of suits. Stacked fitness suits can be worn on multiple occasions. The flexible detachable design and fashionable splicing suits increase customers’ sense of flexibility while being more moist; the luster of velvet and sequin fabrics presents a low-luxury texture in fashion sports. The comfortable home suit guarantees comfort by adding more detailed designs and profile changes to meet the needs and practicality of multi-scene wearing; the evolution of retro suits is more diverse and dynamic in profile, bringing more to the retro in the 90s Design inspiration.


All kinds of fashionable sports suits have been refined from the latest show in the autumn and winter of 2021. There are various sports suits such as futuristic technological style, cool functional style, high-street trend and retro fashion; below, we will list several types of sports in detail based on the silhouette. In-depth analysis of the suits will provide inspiration for designers to develop 2022 pre-autumn fashion sports suits.


Layered tailoring and wear are new methods in the early autumn of 2022, which are used in fashionable sports suits to add highlights; after indoor fitness, you can directly put on short T-shirts or waistcoats on sports underwear to avoid the embarrassment of being too naked At the same time, it increases the aesthetics and achieves the practicality of switching between multiple scenes in one dress. This kind of suit needs attention in the early autumn of 2022.


The detachable design method is a relatively new method in the early autumn of 2022. It is flexible and detachable under the control of consumers, which is conducive to temperature control, aesthetic control and increased practicability of the single product; such as the latest launch of Adidas in the new season of 2021 and the American diva. The patterned thin down in the joint series has flexible and detachable stitching at the waist and hem, which can adjust the length of the down and even the split hem can be used as a fashionable scarf, realizing the possibility of wearing multiple shapes in one dress; In the sleeve cage, the detachable treatment of the elbow joint leg can achieve the coexistence of practicality and decorative beauty.


The splicing technique is mentioned many times in ready-to-wear and sportswear. This season, the focus is on the splicing technique of the same color suit; splicing slightly exaggerated quilted cotton fabrics or padded ball-shaped decorations at the side seams of the sleeves It is creative. Secondly, adjustable bright color stitching is made on the trouser body to increase consumers’ interest in playing. At the same time, bright color patterns can be made on the inner mesh to enhance the sense of decoration.


The velvet texture fabric exudes a slight luster, which brings a light luxury to the overall clothing. Combined with the silhouette of the sports suit, it enhances the fashion beauty on the basis of ensuring sports comfort; secondly, the sequin fabric and the bright corduroy texture fabric are both original Good choice under style.


The new season’s comfortable home suits pay more attention to the evolution of the profile and the beauty of details on the basis of ensuring the comfort performance. The exaggerated design of the neckline, the decoration of the waist and the cut-out of the trouser legs all interpret the needs of home beauty in the early autumn of 2022. Different sets of top and bottom can be introduced to increase the sense of activity at home.


The retro feel has a place in the 2021 autumn and winter new season show. The 2022 early autumn retro feel sports suit is biased towards the visual sense of school uniforms. The fresh and light retro green embellished suit adds a refreshing and bright feeling to the series; at the same time, the retro red and blue series The stitching and the integration of the webbing make people feel as if they are in the 90s; the suit that combines the half skirt and the truncated jacket has evolved more youthful and fashionable in profile.




Post time: May-06-2021