Logo upgrade

Logo upgrade

After dedicating to the traditional textile printing and fabric industry for over 20 years, Wuxi Kuan Yang Textile Technology Co., Ltd has undergone a revolutionary transformation. In June 2020, our company officially updated our logo and slogan for a fresher look.

With the design philosophy of simplicity and elegance, the logo redesign is composed of two capital letters K and Y drawn with lines represented by a very basic but creative material, cotton yarns. The shape of the logo resembles the tree rooted in the fertile soils, which symbolizes the cotton yarns are the roots of the textile industry. The design also looks alike the mast of the sailing vessels, which implies our company will keep competitive and keep up with the time just as the boat riding the winds and cresting the waves.

Progressing towards the global sustainable development goals, KY-TEX is entering into a new era. Our company is devoted to collecting waste plastic, creating recyclable fabrics, and continuously expanding our recycling business to realize our goal of producing green and sustainable textiles. Hiring talents, innovating technologies, and incorporating sustainable development in the company’s long-term mission and goals, KY-TEX is keeping up with the trends, maintaining high qualities, overturning traditions, and committed to become the world-class textile supplier.


Post time: Aug-03-2020