Indoor fitness-insights into sports industry trends

Indoor fitness-insights into sports industry trends

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Lululemon acquires home fitness company Mirror

Lululemon made its first large-scale acquisition since its founding, and spent $500 million to buy home fitness company Mirror. Calvin McDonald predicts that Mirror will be profitable in 2021. The core product of Mirror is a “full-length mirror”. When closed, it is an ordinary full-length mirror. When opened, the mirror is an interactive mirror display equipped with an embedded camera and speaker, which reflects the user’s status and fitness data in real time, and can also complete live courses with fitness instructors online.

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On December 10th, Lululemon released its third-quarter performance report. Sales for the quarter rose 22% year-on-year to US$1.117 billion, gross profit margin increased to 56%, net profit rose 12.3% to US$143 million, and its market value more than doubled. Adidas. Lululemon’s success is inseparable from the consumer experience and innovative retail concept selection and cooperation with some yoga teachers and training institutions. First, teachers are provided with free yoga clothes, so that teachers wear Lululemon yoga clothes to teach. These teachers have also become Lululemon’s “brand ambassadors” to enhance brand awareness. At the same time, it launched a series of men’s clothing and other peripheral products and offline experiences to increase the brand’s audience and purchase desire.

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Driven by the upsurge of indoor fitness, the development of the indoor sportswear industry has gradually improved. Particle Mania is a sportswear brand. Its products emphasize double breakthroughs in aesthetics and craftsmanship. It substitutes the concept of high fashion into the design of sportswear, and tries to explore the possibility of sportswear from the diverse perspectives of technology, culture and art. Carver’s designer high-end sports brand. On November 13, 2020, the sportswear brand Particle Fanatic completed a 100 million yuan C round of financing.

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Under the influence of the epidemic, the sports industry is developing rapidly, and the rise of the indoor fitness female market cannot be ignored. It can be seen from the successive launch of yoga lines by fashion and leisure sports brands such as NIKE and PUMA. This time, in early March of this year, Adidas and Nini Sum teamed up to launch a new season of collaboration models exclusively for women; inspired by various arts such as screen printing and murals, combined with hand-painted natural aesthetic patterns, awakened the new generation of women. Develop multiple categories, suitable for yoga meditation, running aerobics and other sports.

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Concerned about women’s sports and health, NIKE officially opened VIP women’s customer yoga experience activities, which included NIKE women’s ambassadors’ health knowledge sharing and so on. Secondly, NIKE also launched a new series of yoga, bringing a better exercise experience for people who love yoga, and inspiring potential and strength that they have never touched; in addition to fashionable styles, they pay more attention to functional fabrics and adopt unique DRI-FIT quick-drying high The elastic fabric promotes the decomposition of lactic acid in the human body, effectively alleviates the soreness and softness after exercise, and reduces the feeling of fatigue.

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Headquartered in Munich, Veloine is the winner of the ISPO2021 Fall Winter Award. Veloine is a premium cycling brand designed for women. The brand confirms that many women still eager to exercise during pregnancy. Due to the large limbs of pregnancy, they often have to wear men’s cycling clothes, which is extremely inconsistent with the body structure of female pregnant women. Veloine has specially developed pregnant women’s cycling clothes for pregnant women. Series, integrated into professional design, bring protection to pregnant women.

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