Organic Rpet Interlock Polyester Wicking Tear Resistant Knit Jersey Fabric For Running Wear Tracksuit Shirt Cycling Sportswear

Organic Rpet Interlock Polyester Wicking Tear Resistant Knit Jersey Fabric For Running Wear Tracksuit Shirt Cycling Sportswear

Short Description:

Moisture wicking
Natural environmental protection
Sterilization and deodorization
Quick dry

  • FOB Price: US According To The Specific Situation / Yards
  • Payment: L/C T/T Western&Union
  • Supply Ability: 50000 Piece/Pieces Per Day
  • Market: America, Middle East Europe
  • Packaging Details: Packing In Rolls With Plastic Bags Or Base On Your Requirement
  • Minimum Order: Quantity 1KG Trial Order
  • Product Detail

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    PRODUCT CATEGORY Sportswear Fabric
    ITEM NO KW13-9068
    Supply Type Make-to-Order
    Material 92%Polyester 8%spandex
    Weight 145GSM
    Width 73/75″
    Density Customized
    Yarn 40D
    Feature Breathable/High Elasticity/High Quality
    High Color Fastness
    Use Garment/Sportswear/Yoga wear/Running Wear
    Market USA/Canada/Australia/UK/Germany
    Certificate RSG/SGS
    Place of Origin China (Mainland)
    Packaging Details packing in rolls with plastic bags
    or base on your requirement
    Payment L/C T/T
    Print  Patter/ Custom design Sublimation print & Digital print as custom design
    MOQ   100
    C0-Brand  Adidas/Nike/H&M/VANS/Decathlon
    Sample Service  Free
    Customized  Pattern   Support
    OUR SERVICE & ADVANTAGES Free sample available.
    Customized pattern, width, weight.
    Quick delivery.
    Competitive price.
    Good sample development service.
    Strong R&D and Quality Control team.
    Process Of Production  1.Contact us
    4.Bulk production
    8.Long partner
    In order to meet the sports needs of modern people, a variety of professional sports fabrics, functional fabrics, and technological fabrics should be born out of sports.
    The so-called functional fabrics for sportswear are fabrics woven from new types of yarns with special functions, and have some outstanding functions that are not available to conventional fabrics. Commonly used functional yarns have moisture wicking, infrared warmth, natural environmental protection, sterilization and deodorization, non-ironing and quick-drying functions.
    The use of chemical fibers to replace natural fibers in sportswear has gradually become the mainstream. At present, there are the following high-tech fibers in the field of sportswear!
    Most of the quick-drying fabrics are made of chemical fiber fabrics. Due to the difference in processing technology, they have all kinds of magical effects that ordinary clothes do not have. It can play a better role in preventing wind, rain and moisture.
    The sportswear of quick-drying fabric can quickly transfer sweat to the surface of the clothes after a lot of sweating, and evaporate the water through air circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of quick-drying without making you feel uncomfortable or heavy. . It can be said that it is the first choice for intense sports.
    This kind of fabric can breathe like human skin, drain excess water vapor out of the body, and isolate the rain and snow from the outside. The secret lies in as many as 700 million micropores per square centimeter.
    CoolMax fabric is a kind of high-tech moisture-absorbing and breathable polyester fiber in Polyester. Coolmax fiber with four grooves has strong breathability and good moisture control, thereby enhancing the comfort of the wearer.
    It has good moisture conductivity, and the knitted fabric interwoven with cotton fiber has good moisture conductivity effect. It is cool and dry, comfortable and breathable, and will not leave sweat or mildew. It is easy to care, does not deform or shrink, and is widely used for sewing. T-shirts, sportswear, etc.
    Lycra fabric is called “friendly” fiber, it is an indispensable material in sportswear. It can be used in combination with a variety of different fibers, whether it is natural or man-made fibers, it will not change the appearance and texture of the fabric.
    Its anti-pull properties, smoothness after weaving into clothing, close contact with the body, and great stretch are all ideal sports elements. The tights and one-piece sportswear worn by athletes all contain Lycra ingredients.
    Nylon is usually called nylon, and its scientific name is polyamide fiber, which is the general name of polyamide fiber produced in China.
    Nylon fabric has good wear resistance, durability and good moisture absorption. It is a light fabric with excellent elasticity and elastic recovery! The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform, easy to wrinkle, poor heat resistance and light resistance, and general air permeability!
    Looking at the fabric of sportswear, you can look for polyester fiber and nylon fabrics. Such materials are light, easy to wash, wear-resistant, and quick to wick away perspiration. They will be more comfortable and comfortable during exercise, thereby helping to improve sports performance.
    In addition to the production of yoga fabrics, we also have swimwear, beach pants, sportswear, running wear, ski wear, mountaineering wear fabrics.Welcome to consult us

    Ordering Information
    Payment: we usually accept T/T 30%
    Packing: In roll packing with tubes inside and plastic bags outside or according to customers’ request.
    Delivery Time
    LAB DIPS takes 2-4 days; STRIKE OFF takes 5-7 days. 10-15days for sample development.
    Plain dye color: 10-15 days.
    Printing design: 5-10 days.
    For urgent order, could be faster, please send email to negotiate.
    Why choose us/FEIMEI?
    We buy yarn, produce greige fabric and dying or print by ourselves, which makes more competitive price and faster delivery.





















    CoolMax面料是Polyester中的一种高科技吸湿透气涤纶纤维,具有四沟槽的Coolmax纤维 ,强大的透气性和良好的湿气控制性,从而增强穿着者的舒适感。


    它有着良好的导湿性,与棉纤维交织的针织面料具有良好的导湿效果,清凉干爽,舒适透气,不会残留汗臭或发霉-,易于护理 ,不变形、缩水,广泛的用来缝制T恤衫、运动装等。
















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