Unlimited heat and sweat

Unlimited heat and sweat

Smoke pink adds a certain proportion of gray to pink, which can increase the texture of clothing. It is also one of the high-end colors-Morandi color series. This grayish pink gives people a very gentle and quiet feeling. Highlighting femininity, it is very suitable for yoga indoor fitness modeling, as one of the key colors of this season.

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From the highly saturated electro-optical purple to the lighter color of wisteria, the purple series will also seize a place in the spring and summer of 2021. The wisteria purple reduces the brightness with a little more “haze” feeling, and the soft purple, except for summer The styling adds a bit more agility, and it also has the strange power to sweep away the summer heat wave. Whether it is paired with lake green or goose yellow, it has a gentle and romantic tension and is full of fresh and dreamy vitality, white and fresh.

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The new season’s copper brown focuses on strengthening the natural color, which is in line with people’s increasingly strong impulse to break away from technology, and also reflects people’s concern for sustainable development. Popular colors can also be used for cross-season summer color transition to autumn, showing the importance of seasonal colors and the growth of sports trends.

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The special item of the one-piece suit, multi-pocket design can accommodate what you need, functional fabrics combined with functional cutting design, handsome lapel combined with waist design can be sweet or salty, to meet multiple scenes to wear, the lower body can also be matched with fitness pants. There is no need to worry about matching a variety of outfits, and one outfit is casual and chic.

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The T-shirt without side seams can reduce friction, is comfortable and breathable. The fabric can reduce the odor of sweat. The knitted jacquard design of vent holes makes the garment more breathable. The seamless knitting technology can also be used to weave various fine graphics to increase Fashionable clothing.

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In order to satisfy consumers’ desire for safety and health, the brand-new marble dyeing and printing series looks like a tie-dye effect but with a touch of casualness. The silky reddish-brown gives people the simplicity of nature. It can be layered with cycling shorts and unlocked boldly. Multiple dress styles.

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The animal print pattern covered with prints has been used in yoga clothing. The pattern is upgraded on the basis of the leopard print. Through the method of distortion and reorganization, the visual difference between the small texture and the small texture is created, which escapes the wild nature of the leopard print. The framework, achieving novelty, psychedelic, and order destruction also has its own unique charm, and at the same time makes consumers refreshing and eye-catching.

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Post time: Aug-12-2021