Ski suit detail craftsmanship trends

Ski suit detail craftsmanship trends


For the sake of safety, more and more ski suits in the new season have added a rescue system to the snow suit. The reflector is a thin printed circuit board and covered with plastic on the surface, which can be affixed to the snow suit or snow pants. Or it can be built into the clothes, no battery or switch is needed, and it can always agree to the detector’s harmonic radar, which provides safety guarantee for ski lovers.


As for the inside of the clothing, the thermal circulation system can maintain the optimal temperature and humidity level. The thermal insulation down only needs to turn the four knobs of the body to release warm and cold air as needed to maintain the optimal body temperature. It is also a temperature regulation system with a unique airbag It will store and retain heat, and only need to open the zipper to make the cold and warm air flow, so as to achieve the effect of human body temperature balance.


The multi-functional hood can completely wrap the neck, cheeks, and head. It is a compatible helmet that can be adjusted with one hand. It can provide double protection for the head during outdoor sports. It can also be detached and mounted lightly when not necessary.


Snow pants are also very important wearing equipment in skiing. The calf seal is wind- and cold-proof to prevent wind and snow from pouring into the trouser tube. There are hooks on the calf seal to hang on the snowshoes to prevent slippage of the trouser legs when falling. Lacing system It is a bright spot. You can easily fix and adjust the tightness with one hand, and maintain stable control. The design can be used as a snow-proof skirt with different colors and colors, which is simple and stylish with double-layer protection both inside and outside.


In order to facilitate the needs of athletes who need to place small objects during exercise, the zipper wrist pocket under the sleeve can be used to place the ski pass, which is safe and not easy to lose, or place the goggles wipe cloth for convenient storage and enhance the overall design sense.


The foldable soft water bottle technology provides technical support. The water storage bag is embedded in the snow skirt at the waist of the wearer, so that the weight of the drinking water is consistent with the center of gravity of the skier, and there is no need to worry about the important influence of the water storage device on the sliding movement. The technology is played, and the appearance looks more handsome.


Post time: Aug-09-2021