Remove Edit Sports Trend–The Trend of Men’s and Women’s Outfits

Remove Edit Sports Trend–The Trend of Men’s and Women’s Outfits

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With the deep integration of fashion and sports, the fashion of sportswear has become an inevitable trend. Among all types of trousers, sports pants have gradually become one of the most important trends. Especially in recent years, the strong rise of hiphop style has made sports casual styles. It is more mainstream and fashionable. It also needs to meet daily casual wear while exercising. The loose version is more convenient and comfortable. The interesting color stitching gives the sports pants a fashionable street style. This article introduces 22 through silhouette and design details. /23 The new look of autumn and winter sports pants.

As sports fashion styles become more and more intense, mainstream sports brands such as Nike and The North Face have gradually introduced sports bibs, which are popular among young consumer groups. They retain their movement through mesh stitching, multi-pocket design, and color patch stitching. Attributes, the use of sockets, zippers and other accessories can be designed to increase functionality. With a sweater and baseball cap to integrate outdoor and leisure, it has even become a must-have for fashionable people with concave shapes.

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As the ultra-wide version becomes more and more popular, you may wish to use sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics to create a loose version that is suitable for your home. Comfortable fabrics are extremely important. The version can be used as wide-leg pants or trousers to create different styles. The styling and design focus is on the waist and hip volume, while the folds control the volume, it can also ensure the fashion sense of the design.

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After the continuous tie-dyeing wind, the 22/23 autumn and winter gradient wind cannot be underestimated. The soft gradient transition is used to refresh the best-selling basic models. Different materials such as lightweight nylon or comfortable knitting can be used to express different styles of trousers. Enhance the design sense of clothing through partial gradients such as foot, or two-color, three-color gradient, horizontal gradient and other gradient forms. Use popular techniques such as tie-dyeing and spray-dyeing to create gradient color effects, which can enhance the attractiveness of suits. .

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Detachable trouser tube is the key item of 22/23 trousers. Through the zipper device, it can be used for more than one pants. The design absorbs the waist buckle element of outdoor hiking pants, practical stitching and patch pocket design, which revolutionizes street sports Pants design achieves the perfect fusion of performance and fashion.

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As the main decorative design point of the zipper, the invisible zipper can be used to make different cutting lines to strengthen the deconstruction of the clothing and increase the fun, so that the zipper has both practical functions and decorative features. The proper slit design makes Sports pants have become new and fashionable. It is recommended to use zippers that match the sports style as much as possible while using zippers to ensure the sense of movement of the clothing.

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The perspective effect is created by different materials such as mesh cloth, net yarn, and transparent light fabric to enhance the breathability of clothing. It is mostly used for leg splicing, asymmetrical length splicing, or shape cutting to achieve the perspective effect, which helps to improve the overall shape. A sense of refinement.

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Look at the visual differentiation of real and fake waistbands. With a short top, the figure can be increased. The inner elastic waistband is used as a key design element. The elastic waistband is printed and dyed, LOGO letter design, or contrast with different materials of the body. Design to create personalized fashionable items.

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The coated fabric with metallic luster should be the most technological and modern fabric. The use of laser high-reflective properties, under the strong contrast of highlights and shadows, reveals a full sense of the future, and appropriately uses letter patterns to embellish Partially, with sweaters and T-shirts, the high-profile style is transformed into a casual and casual style.

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Post time: Jul-16-2021