Outdoor style urban multi-faceted-outdoor sports color trend

Outdoor style urban multi-faceted-outdoor sports color trend


When urban life is becoming more and more exhausting, the urban Outdoor lifestyle has quietly emerged. People who are enthusiastic about this lifestyle also live in the city, but they should never be restricted by the prefix of the city. Living in the city, happy outdoors. Seeking to conquer the mountains and rivers, only integrate the outdoor attitude into daily life, break the imprisonment of the city, love to play and love life, this time put the design perspective more into the city life, showing the balance between man and nature, city and nature The coexisting relationship creates a unique urban outdoor style.


Camping is like outdoor urban life. The reason why urbanites yearn for camping is more or less because of the trivialities in daily life. They have a momentary idea to find a trace of tranquility in the urban forest to relieve and heal the stress of the city. Mineral yellow With bay leaf green as the key color, the rich natural breath is quiet and beautiful.


This group of colors is energetic, happy, and full of hope. In the current changing external environment, I hope to use the vitality and tension to convey the attitude towards life. The low purity and high brightness hues will bloom in autumn and winter. Unique natural atmosphere beauty.


The mineral yellow mentioned in the 22/23 autumn and winter sports color trend warning, the mineral yellow with natural flavor, as the key color of this season, conveys the bright and warm color of autumn and winter, and has a natural sense of intimacy and stability, brilliant Contagious.


Using this sun-like yellow hue as the main color, it can be used as a large area of monochrome jackets, with bay leaf green functional vests, functional outdoor wind pavement, satin sky blue as a small area splicing color to enhance the overall shape Sense of vitality.


More urban young people are beginning to look for an interesting and fashionable lifestyle outdoors. With the adventurous spirit of freedom, they continue to break through the sports boundary between the city and the outdoors, explore the unknown attitude with persistence, and feel a free and balanced “new “Outdoorism”, with a healthy and positive life attitude close to nature, to open a long way in urban life.


Although outdoor styling is more inclined to the trend of daily commuting, nature also inspires trend inspiration. We can freely explore nature, and nature can also be integrated with our space and products. The passionate and energetic lava orange collides with the calm and calm pearl gray. It is very attractive, and the appearance is the key to taking into account the wearability and fashion sense.


Taken from the volcanic magma in nature, the lava color has its own classic and stylish sense. The bright and colorful orange and the passionate red bring a subtle visual vitality and avant-garde texture to the autumn and winter. The shiny windbreaker fabric can be used to express the lava orange. Sense of fluidity.


Eye-catching bright colors have emerged as the key theme, and confident same-color modeling and full-color block application are the key. The use of gray to synthesize the high saturation lava orange, deduces a collision of nature and fashion, and the design is mainly multi-pocket tooling style , The wide version shows the charm of urban women, while creating a genderless style for both men and women.


Post time: Jul-28-2021