Fashion sports jacket silhouette trend

Fashion sports jacket silhouette trend

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The fashionable functional vest combines the dual attributes of urban and outdoor. The lightness and non-seasonal restraint of the vest are the focus of attention. The addition of multi-pocket design provides more space, brings more convenience to consumers, increases the decorativeness of styles, and enriches the level of single products. Increased style practicality and fashion.

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In the recent “outdoor boom”, consumers are more looking forward to and eager to enjoy the “outdoor time”. Fashion sports jackets use contrast material splicing techniques, and the splicing and collision of various fabrics such as leather and denim greatly enhance the level of single styles. The combination of outdoor elements and fashion elements adds outdoor single-style silhouettes, outdoor colors, outdoor drawstrings, detachable sleeves, etc., to increase style functionality and playfulness. Meet the expectations of consumers.

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Gradient elements continued in the 22/23 autumn and winter craze. Starting from the color, the neutral color gradient, the highly saturated bright color gradient, and the highly saturated cold and warm color contrast gradient, to a large extent, express style personality and fashion, and also express a positive and calm attitude. Add detachable sleeves to realize a single style and increase the value of a single product.

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The deconstruction and reorganization design is added to make the sports jacket more fashionable, fully realize the versatility and variability of the single product, and enhance the value of the jacket style. 22/23 autumn and winter focus on, adding multifunctional design, witty use of style space, adding heatable bag; high contrast stitching design; smart use of buttons, concealed buckles, drawstrings, webbing and other accessories, with a sense of design for a single product of the jacket.Fashion sports jacket silhouette trend (5)

The stylishness of a single product of metallic coated fabric produces a magical luster under the refraction of different light, presenting a sense of future technology. The reflective effect can also enhance the visibility of styles and improve the safety of consumers’ commuting. 22/23 autumn and winter focus on laser, strong light perception, and contrast stitching design points.

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Leave the worries of “growth” behind, enjoy the outdoor time and the joy of sportswear charm, adding a touch of vitality and warmth to the 22/23 autumn and winter. The use of childlike patterns is presented in the form of full-page or modular patterns on the single product of the outerwear, and the ruffles are integrated into the women’s clothing, and the symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern colors are used to present the bright color of dopamine and the combination of contrast colors, which is full of charm and fashion.

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Key recommendation: You can wear fashionable sports jackets on both sides, which can effectively enhance the use value of a single style. It adopts two-sided design with different styles or strong contrast designs to achieve a single product for multiple occasions.

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