2022 spring and summer fabric trend keywords

2022 spring and summer fabric trend keywords

2022 spring and summer fabric trend keywords45the focus on health issues, and people around the world have begun to pay close attention to slow handicrafts, all of which force all walks of life to break their thinking and continue to innovate. The fabric and textile industry wiIn 2022, when the global health and economy are facing new challenges, the scarcity of resources, ll not exception. From the public level, we found that the rise of home and house life has promoted the frugal habits once again, so that the waste art of discarded fabrics and upgraded garbage has been unanimously favored by designers, and out of the continuous trend of slow craftsmanship and decoration, in the fabric The uneven texture and natural weaving effect formed on the surface like a semi-relief effect have also become an important fabric trend in spring and summer in the future. However, in the post-epidemic era, peoples body safety and protection will also become the key criteria for fabrics. The healing properties of metal fibers such as copper and silver also give the new season of men and women spring and summer fabrics new functions and appearance. Feel. In addition, the rise of ice-dyeing technology has updated the previous tie-dyeing technology, making fabrics more natural, environmentally friendly and harmonious. This report will focus on fabrics and summarize and refine the keywords that need to be paid attention to the latest fabrics in the 2022 spring and summer men’s and women’s apparel market from multiple dimensions such as fiber, function, process technology, color, and texture changes. The 2022 spring and summer keyword series report will continue to be updated, so stay tuned!
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Heal metal
In the post-epidemic era, health issues and awareness of hygiene have pointed out the direction of research and development for the innovative design of 2022 spring and summer fabrics. The integration of active metal ion fibers with antibacterial, low sensitivity and thermal conductivity reflects the functional protection of future spring and summer fabrics. Luxurious metallic luster. The use of materials containing metal fibers not only gives full play to its natural protection, but also expands the style of fabrics in style design. For men’s and women’s outdoor protective clothing, as well as the design of accessories, it can perfectly present its unique vision Charm and good protective performance.
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Mysterious mineral
The natural mineral texture has a mysterious temperament since ancient times. The mineral effect on the surface of the fabric is exactly what designers want to try to establish a charming fit between consumers and the fabric and nature. Using the mineral technology fiber developed by the American biomedical textile technology company Celliant to inject into the fabric can be beneficial to human health and balance body temperature, and is especially suitable for the design of some men and women outdoor functional clothing or home wear.
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Bump relief
As the decorative arts continue to heat up, more creative inspiration will be obtained from the semi-relief effect in the arts and crafts. As an important fabric trend in the spring and summer of 2022, the semi-three-dimensional embossed fabric shows its brand new handmade texture. Designers have used embroidery, jacquard, filling technology, hot pressing and other techniques to make the plant and flower patterns on the surface of the fabric into a concave and convex semi-dimensional relief art decoration effect, as if it is inlaid in the fabric, it has a sense of unevenness and layering. . Combining the shiny Tencel thread and the high-end silk fabric with a coordinated design, it creates a new handmade semi-three-dimensional decorative effect for spring and summer fabrics. For the 2022 spring and summer women’s dresses, shirts, jackets, suits and other styles of design is very suitable.
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Yuanji Fresh Color
Bright colors add vitality to spring and summer fabrics for men and women, and use active and bright colors to update the core visual charm of the fabric surface of 2022 spring and summer fabrics. Whether it is a knitted striped printed fabric, or cotton, nylon, or recycled PET polyester fiber, the surface is made of eye-catching bright colors, recycled fiber and organic environmentally friendly cotton, so that the fabric evokes a charm and vitality Bright color. This eye-catching and dynamic fabric is suitable for designing future spring and summer men’s and women’s POLO, shirts, suits, outdoor jackets and other styles, which can present new visual creativity of 2022 spring and summer design.

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Psychedelic ice stain
The new dyeing process opens up new physical properties of tie-dyeing technology. Using the melting of ice and snow, the dye carried on the surface of the crushed ice is automatically flowed, penetrated, and randomly merged with each other, and tie-dyed on recycled cotton or environmentally-certified cotton, so that the surface color of the fabric is integrated into a psychedelic random tone . The effect of ice dyeing is by no means what ordinary artificial dyeing can achieve. It gives the fabric or style surface unpredictable and unrepeatable color changes. It will be used by designers in the 2022 spring and summer men’s and women’s shirts, denims, T-shirts, Sweater and other styles are being developed and designed.

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Natural woven
Since the continuation of the trend of simple and comfortable fabrics in the autumn and winter of 21/22, the new season’s plaid fabrics incorporate the wisdom of ancient craftsmen. The ancient, original, and natural uneven texture of the weaving process has received close attention from designers in the spring and summer of 2022. New creative inspirations have been obtained from some ancient hand-woven handicrafts, and they have developed straw-woven or Plaid fabric with rattan texture texture. Through the combination of dyed yarn craftsmanship, whether it is a classic tweed fabric that does not fade or a yarn-dyed fabric commonly used in men’s and women’s clothing, the surface is infused with a handcrafted knitting style. The unique texture and slow craftsmanship make the fabric particularly suitable The brand was later used in the research and development and design of some styles of men’s and women’s shirts, jackets and outerwear.

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Junk art
Adhering to the principle of zero waste, designers have promoted the trend of exquisite upgrading and recycling of waste materials through various decorative techniques, so that the discarded garbage fabrics once again evoke new visual effects. The use of some exquisite hand-decoration techniques such as embroidery, hollowing, and lace assistance give the old materials a second life, which also reflects the zero waste principle of recycling and reuse by the designers. In addition, as this kind of creative and handmade decorative environmentally friendly fabric, it is very suitable for designing some personalized styles of men’s and women’s clothing, and it is also very suitable for independent designer brands with their own ideas to develop and design new spring and summer 2022 products.

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Wrinkled paper marks
When Stone Island launches a resin-dyed nylon fabric with a light weight and wrinkled surface, it will mean that the semi-matte treatment of lightweight and thin technology protective nylon and polyester blended fabrics and windproof cotton and linen windbreaker fabrics have been further developed , Showing the texture change of folds like paper marks. Whether it’s the pleated Opak clothing launched by Stone Island, or the off-white pleated shirt made by Kanghyuk using folds, or the men’s and women’s spring windbreaker styles designed using pleated functional cotton and linen fabrics, these paper-marked fabrics with artistic texture are all Creating distinctive styles for men and women in the spring and summer of 2022 provides a new direction for trending fabrics.

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