Clever at Line-Trend of Fashion Sports Details

Clever at Line-Trend of Fashion Sports Details

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For the design of thin lines in autumn and winter on 22/23, the most basic black is used as a whole to express, stitched into thin thread webbing or in the form of printing, the clothes pieces are expressed generously, and solid lines or dashed lines are used to show the stitching welt. Visual effects. The style does not need to be over-designed, and the second is simple and simple.
Clever at Line-Trend of Fashion Sports Details
The tight and strong webbing effectively prolongs the life of the single product and realizes the durability of the style, while the rich webbing styles bring individual decorative details. Incorporating functional inspiration into urban design, it is playful and fashionable.
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Fashion sports items are added with reflective strips, which have a decorative effect. Decorations on the waist and back can effectively improve the visual body proportions. At the same time, they have protective functions, responding to the fashionable outdoor trend, and the clever fusion of functional outdoor and urban fashion. The urban protective wind for commuting in the future.
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Exquisite edging stitching has become a decorative detail worth paying attention to in the autumn and winter of 22/23. Contrasting color edging and foreign material edging respond to the continuously advancing craft trend, break the monotonous style atmosphere, exquisite and interesting, and enhance the style and level of style.
Clever at Line-Trend of Fashion Sports Details-4
Tassels are the key details in the 22/23 autumn and winter items. The tassel elements are added to the sleeves, neckline, back, etc., to effectively improve the basic style, create a mix and match fabric stitching, reflecting the trend of exquisite craftsmanship.
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